Erotic & Porn Art

"I've certainly been a porn star in a previous life, and if not, it's about time. :-)"

I have always been very interested in modeling, eroticism and photography.

There are many different types of photography and everyone shoots in their own way.

Pictures I categorize as follows:

a. Fashion
b. Portrait
c. Weak eroticism or pornography: images that are less exciting and rarely show a face.
d. Simple eroticism / pornography: pictures that are intended to arouse the viewer.
e. Artful eroticism / pornography: More elaborate shots that have been edited and require a considerable amount of time.

"Fashion" interests me very much, but after a few minutes I always tear my clothes off. Bad, really bad ^^ On top of that you always need new outfits. Wearing the same outfit twice is an absolute no-no in this industry. :-)  

"Portraits" are tricky on a mobile, except for selfies. You need a very good photographer (not an amateur), the perfect light and the right software for the editing.

"Weak eroticism or pornography" is mostly simple cock and/or ass pictures and less the kind of pictures I take.
"Simple erotic or pornographic" pictures can be found on the Internet. I would say that the majority of all erotic or pornographic shots are kept simple. 

"Artful eroticism and pornography" I like best, because you can play with ideas, edit shots let your imagination run wild. There are some photographers I admire very much for their work. Among others these are:

Justin Monroe & Thomas Synnamon

At the moment I only work with a tripod and a mobile phone. Of course, you can't expect true miracles like the works of Justin. Taking selfies is even more difficult, but I always try to do my best. You never stop learning - no matter in which field.

Have fun with the galleries.







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